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How does the search process in such a crowded city as Tashkent? Tehnologiya search in principle, simple. With the availability of simple details such as name or address, our agent did not make the difficulties go to the address and personally acquainted with the object of investigation. Well, what about if you want to find someone if you did not see him 20 years or more, or a childhood friend already has a new name, or if you are adoptive parents adoptive parents, and your whole life tormented by the thought - "Who am I?". Search Methods. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Give to your attention the simplest ways to find or search for man in Tashkent, knowing full name, date of birth and place of birth. Basic information on the wanted point by point: 1. Famil 2. Name 3. Middle 4. Year of Birth 5. address of residence or place of residence. Extras: 6. Telephone present or former. Cell phone numbers are not taken into account, because firm engaged in "legal" finding and using open sources of information. This is usually the agents of our office go to the address bureau of Tashkent, where nice girls received an application starts searching for the recipient's name and year of birth. In this case, success is guaranteed, if this man is really a real resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and has a valid residence permit in the region of Tashkent city and region. It is easy to learn and telephone number of the person calling the number 09, and calling the names and addresses. But in this case, no one gives a guarantee that the given address is fixed phone number in the name of the desired person. In this situation, our agents are ready to depart at and take forward the task. What causes this kind of search? Naturally, if a person is not changed names, lives in Tashkent, and has a permanent residence - means the deed is done and we will assume that is the result - a person is found. Will and evidence. This occurs in 80% of cases, because Our specialists are able to find the wanted and the three parameters and for two or even one, or having a photograph. Well, what if you have not received a satisfactory answer, and your search - takes a protracted nature, and the result is the new benchmark? And in this case may continue the search, but at a more detailed and in-depth level. Narrows. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ We shall now come to the very essence of searching, her motivation and application. Of great importance in finding a place history, ie sourdough itself - the story of two people, hence the incentive to start. We look - what prompts. So, the search for the name and the name, age, and presumably desired. Naturally, employee address table would say that such Mol Ivanov Vasilev 1969g.r. they have a hundred, our agent takes a hundred addresses, and pays like a hundred received, but sitting at a desk in the office we started a correspondence with the customer, finding out predystriyu search (where he met, where he served on what the resort otdhali, the reference fragments vopominany childhood and so on and so forth). Then, analyzing the data we are beginning to have a conversation with people who have found, comparing the history and get the result. . A real perpiski (the names changed): "Customer: I need to find Ivanov Anna in Tashkent. Help Agent: Hello Andrew, Thank you for contacting me. 1. Needed to complete data on the name 2. Year of birth (can be presumed to indicate required) 3. Place of birth. 4. Address of residence (past or present) 5. Address of residence (past or present) 6. Place of residence in Tashkent (if known) 7. Phone numbers (former or present) 8. Friends, relatives, friends 9. Physical appearance or photo. Customer: Good afternoon, Unfortunaly I have very little information: Ivanova, Anna was born in Tashkent in 1966 ili1967g. Surname at birth can be changed by her husband studied in Riga in RCAII from 1984 to 1989 and then returned to Tashkent. Agent: Andrew, my dear, I think, you can search for databases and archives MIA registrar. To do this, raise all Ivanova Anna with maiden names for the period from 1988 to 1990g.g (as it is the average age of marriage). Also at the same time to raise the archives of the Interior Ministry's Bureau of the address, and check all Anna Ivanova 1966 -67g.r., with a population of Uzbekistan for the period of 2 million people. Likely, we expose them to very much. Then to work on a narrower range of detected persons. Will people 10. Then, these 10 people. with name Ivanova compare with the data registrar. Even with the positive scenario, the probability that she lives in Tashkent at the moment 50 to 50.
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